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September Clean Up Month | Palm Beach Gardens Restaurant

As the calendar flips to September, AP Restaurant Group is embarking on a mission to make a positive impact on our environment with "September Clean Up Month." Partnering up with the renowned organization, 4ocean, this initiative aims to combat ocean pollution in a unique and delectable way. Throughout the entire month, participating restaurants, including our Palm Beach Gardens restaurant Palm Beach Gardens, will offer a special "Buy One, Pull One" menu, featuring an array of cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The most remarkable aspect of this culinary journey is that every time one of these featured items is ordered, a full pound of trash will be pulled from the ocean.

We will also be selling a limited supply of 4ocean Water Bottles and Bracelets, which also pull one pound of the trash out of the ocean! This September, let's clean up the ocean together, check out our menu below and then make your reservation online to come and enjoy a delicious meal and also pull pound of trash out of the ocean!

Palm Beach Gardens Restaurant Featured Menu

Palm Beach Gardens Restaurant September featured menu


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