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October Seafood Month | Palm Beach Gardens Seafood Restaurant

Celebrate the bounties of the ocean this October as our Palm Beach Gardens seafood restaurant dives deep into the flavors of the sea for October Seafood Month. Cool'a Fish Bar is excited to present an entire month dedicated to tantalizing your taste buds with the freshest catches and most delectable underwater delicacies. Each week, we're rolling out a new and exciting seafood special, ensuring that your palate embarks on a culinary voyage like never before.

Week one kicks off with wild caught, mild and sweet tasting Snapper, topped with creamy and nutty almondine sauce and garnished with sliced almonds. Week two at our Palm Beach Gardens seafood restaurant takes your taste buds for a perfectly spiced ride with our Blackened Shrimp Curry Bowl; premium shrimp seasoned with our blackening spices and then sautéed with a creamy coconut curry sauce served over our coconut basmati rice. Week three showcases local, hook and line caught FL Grouper, encrusted with a crispy sweet potato and topped with sambal aioli and fresh mango remoulade. And to wrap up October Seafood Month you can enjoy our Bronzed Swordfish, grilled and basted in a sesame soy glaze. Each feature has a suggested wine pairing to perfectly balance and complement the exciting flavors of each dish.

Join us throughout October as we celebrate the sea's bounty, one delicious week at a time. October Seafood Month promises a delectable journey into the heart of the ocean's offerings. Make your reservations online now or by calling 561-622-2227 and get ready to savor the best of the sea at our Palm Beach Gardens seafood restaurant, each week bringing a new and exciting adventure for your taste buds.

Palm Beach Gardens Seafood Restaurant featured menu


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