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Earth Month | Palm Beach Gardens Seafood Restaurant

This April, come to our Palm Beach seafood restaurant and enjoy Earth Month, a special initiative to make a difference for the environment and our oceans. Embracing the spirit of sustainability, AP Restaurant Group has partnered with 4ocean, an organization dedicated to cleaning up the ocean. Throughout the month of April, patrons can participate in the our Palm Beach Garden seafood restaurant's "Buy One, Pull One" menu, where every order from the featured menu items contributes to pulling a pound of trash from the ocean.

Buy One, Pull One Menus in Palm Beach Gardens Seafood Restaurant

The featured menu boasts a delightful array of dishes and cocktails that not only tantalize the taste buds but also support a worthy cause. Starting with the appetizer, guests can indulge in the savory delight of Cracked Conch Bites, a crispy and flavorful seafood treat. For the main course, the Coconut Crusted Snapper offers a taste of the tropics with its crispy coating and succulent fish. To satisfy the sweet tooth, the Tropical Cheesecake promises a heavenly finale to the meal, bursting with fruity flavors and creamy goodness.

Complementing the culinary offerings are two specially crafted cocktails that celebrate the ocean and its bounty. The Vitamin "Sea" Martini, featuring Gray Whale gin, offers a refreshing blend of flavors with a hint of matcha latte, while the "Mermaid Water" cocktail, highlighting Ocean Vodka, transports drinkers to a tropical paradise with its exotic ingredients.

For those who prefer wine, the restaurant proudly presents Josh "Seaswept," a fitting selection to accompany the ocean-inspired menu. Additionally, patrons can show their support for Earth Month by purchasing special "Earth Day" t-shirts and 4ocean bracelets, further contributing to the cause of ocean conservation and clean up.

Beach Clean Ups

The month culminates into three beach clean ups hosted by AP Restaurant Group and our partners, taking place in Juno Beach on 4/20, Delray Beach on 4/21, and Caspersen Beach on 4/27. The Beach Clean ups start at 8:30am and run until 11:00am and the first 15 volunteers to arrive at each beach clean up and sign in will receive a free 4ocean bracelet and gloves! There is limited space per beach clean up, so hurry and sign up today!

With its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Palm Beach Gardens restaurant invites diners to dine with purpose during Earth Month, knowing that each bite and sip helps make a difference for our planet's oceans.


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